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  • Autologoff is a set of administrative tools for Linux terminal setup and other server/client setups in Linux (e.g. Ssh, telnet) .With this, the administrator can control the amount of time a user avails the facility in the terminal server client setup.

  • In Autologoff version 1.0 the administrator has authority to change the time that is alloted to the user to avail the facility .

  • In autologoff version 2.0, the administrator has authority to eject users at will.

A brief summary of the problem

Information Technology centre at Takshashila campus, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore has the following setup for
Internet browsing

 CPU - INTEL 2.2 G Hz Xeon processor
 RAM- 1.5 Giga bytes

 IBM thin clients 45 Nos
 VXL terminals 45 Nos

 The IBM thin clients use windows IBM station manager to load the kernel via NFS from the server.
 The VXL terminals use their inbuilt kernel.
 After the bootup procedure , the machines log in to the server using XDMCP and use the kernel and the display from the server running LINUX Mandrake 10.0

setup at IT center

Problems faced

Previously this whole setup based was on windows terminal client/server setup , where there were tools like task manager to administrate the above setup, but after migrating to LINUX platform due to license issues the organization was finding it difficult to administer the entire setup, since the setup at the Information technology centre comprises of power Pcs which load the windows terminals server kernel from the server and then the display is transferrred from the server running Linux Mandrake . So, the problems stated were

1.) Free the system resources used by a user after he has left without Logging out (since the terminal server does not free the memory, disk Resources used by the user until he has properly logged out)

2.) Control the time a user avails the facility (i.e. allow the users to use the Browsing facility for a specific duration of time)

3.) Remove users who have exceeded the allotted time.

With the above problems it leads to

a.) Unnecessary load on the server, which make the systems slow.

b.) Bandwidth wastage.

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Complete development done using free software on LINUX
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